Reload of parameters not giving a complete restore

I have several times reinstalled the 4.0.3 firmware (on a Pixracer) followed by loading of saved parameters and experienced that everything is not reloaded automatically from the backup.

For example the power monitor settings are not recovered. To get those numbers back I have to first enable this function and then it will be recovered. Maybe it is working the same way with other optional hardware but I have not tested this.

This seems to be the case with some parameters also. The example I have so far found is BRD_SAFETYENABLE which after a firmware reinstallation + reload of saved parameters always is 1 even though it should have been saved as 0.

This is of course no problem when knowing this behavior but it is confusing that taking back saved parameters will not give a complete reinstall.

Anyone else experienced this? Searching for this behavior has not given any answers.

Please open a bug report.

Have you attempted to reload the parameters a number of times? We usually load them three times to ensure we get everything. Always do a compare to visually check what’s changed changing.

Parmas such as battery monitor are invisible until enabled so the first time you import params all you will do is enable the battery monitor. Refresh params and then attempt the import a second and third time. Does this resolve the issue?

Did follow your advise, see Copter: Loading of parameters not restoring everything automatically #14210

When I found that no battery monitor values showed up I enabled this function and reloaded the backup. I am not sure I have tested reloading several times (without the intermediate step of manually enabling first) but will try.
Having to reload params three times was not an obvious measure to take as I am quite new to Arducopter. Would have thought that any needed procedure like this was built into the system because it might create a lot of problems when this does not work like a normal backup.