Reliable motor brand recommendation

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Over the past year I have tried to find a good solution for a 700mm quadcopter running on 6s, spinning 17-18 inch props. AUW is around 7kg.

At first I went with “the safer propulsion system” from tmotor, using mn501s and alpha 40lv esc-s. That turned out to be a complete disaster, as 3 out of the 5 crashes I had in total were triggered by esc desync.

After that I tried the hobbywing xrotor PRO 40a, with DEO OFF on the mn501s. The quad was running OK, it logged around 100hours until one motor decided to disassemble mid air and the whole thing ended up in pieces again.

The fifth crash was user error, as the battery plug was not properly connected and 30 seconds after liftoff it came loose and fell like a rock.

After a few colleagues here on the forum recommended me to try the APD esc-s, i was wondering if you could share some opinions on motors as well. There are not a lot of options out there for 6s on 18 inch props but if you had a positive experience with a certain brand I am more than happy to try it, because I am running out of funds to rebuild the quad every time something goes wrong :slight_smile:

Every input is highly appreciated :+1:

Thank you, all the best!


Honestly I’ve had great experience with T-motor and Hobbywing. 7kg AUW is on the heavy side for a quad with 17-18" props if you want high reliability. Maybe consider stepping up in motor / ESC size.

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I’m using the T-Motor MN501 and I don’t have a problem with the escs desynchronization. Were you using correct firmware? I did a test connecting the xrotor escs on the MN501 and the engine was too hot, even at low rpm, that is, the MN501 only works well with the alpha.

An engine that got along very well with the xrotor was the DJI E1200, you can find it on ebay, maybe it’s an alternative.

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