Relationship between ROI, WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR and RTL behaviors with SIYI A8 camera/gimbal

I’ve trying to resolve issues with how ArduPilot supports ROI for pointing the SIYI A8 camera gimbal.

Running my test mission in the SITL simulator - the copter always yaws towards the ROI properly.

Here’s the waypoint file for the mission:

In flying the mission, the copter always starts out properly yawing towards the ROI. The A8’s gimbal maintains pitch and yaw properly for the ROI at the beginning of the mission.

At some points in the mission, the copter stops yawing towards the ROI, but the gimbal attempts to keep the camera facing the ROI. It appears that the copter begins yawing toward the next waypoint instead.

The A8’s gimbal firmware has been under development so it’s possible that the gimbal firmware has a problem.

The MNT1_YAW_MIN and MNT1_YAW_MAX are both set to 0, so the copter should always yaw to face the ROI with the gimbal.

Here’s the bin file from my test:

And here’s the A8’s video from the test flight:

You can run the mission in the SITL and play the video simultaneously to get a picture of what’s happening - but the SITL runs the mission a bit faster than video from the actual flight.

Both @rmackay9 and @SIYI have been working on the SIYI A8’s support for ArduPilot.

In case the issue is independent of the A8, I thought it was worth sharing here.

Thank you.

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