Region of Interest Question

When using the Region of interest feature, what happens when more than one waypoint is designated as a region of interest (which you can do in Beta)? If I understand the feature correctly, creating a region of interest makes the copter stay pointed at that waypoint while following the other waypoints in the mission correct?

Last, what does the new orange line represent?

ROI isn’t fully finished yet, so I don’t recoment using it. It is used to point the copter to a certain location in the travel between the last and next waypoints.

What orange line?

The ROI feature is definitely something that could be used if implemented correctly. The orange line I was referring to was the one shown on the pic below.

That’s the drone path, the last points received from the drone GPS. It’s somewhat strange on that picture because the GPS didn’t had a good lock at the time of the screenshot.

ROI will be implemented fully in the next versions