Regarding tuning issues

Hello, I have tried to tune my drone with some custom pid values but still face some oscillations while flying. I am still new to tuning so I would appreciate some beginner-friendly tips on how to change my gain values. I am flying it autonomously in guided mode as I still end up crashing my drone in manual mode. I’ll add a bin file of my latest flights, please let me know what things i need to update

Remove the guess work out of the equation.
Do notch filter first and a quick tune lua script after that.
Then autotune will work and give you an optimized tune.

All these steps and their correct sequence are presented in the “ArduPilot methodic configurator software” that was developed specifically for users like you, and proof tested by developers and users alike.

Just make sure to follow all instructions and not skipping any steps.

And don’t double post. That just wastes people’s time.

apologies, I will make these changes and update the thread

Regarding the autotune function, I have a 6 channel remote controller so is there any way I can initiate autotune with this setup? I was hesitant to fly manually so thats why I had to jump to guided missions.

You can autotune fine with 6 channels. I do not see the issue. Use channel 5 to select ghe flight mode (stabalize or althold) during the tuning phase you only need those two and ch6 to activate autotune.

And I bet the real issue arises from not following all the steps in the sequence and doing the autotune prematurely.
That is the kind of user behavior that causes vehicles to crash.