Regarding the .hex files..... 2 questions

!. Regarding the .hex files, what is the difference between:


and what HIL stands for, seems to be a “hil” version for almost all hex files.

located at where the record of all hex files are nested.

  1. How do I alter code directly in a hex file…is it possible? Or I need to makes changes in the .pde file via Notepad ++ for example, and than somehow turn it into a hex file to be updated into the Atmega2650?

HIL stands for “hardware in loop” and you might also see SIL which is “software in loop”.

Thanks…I looked it up. On this forum I did not find much. On google found some good info but still do not know what IT IS?

Seems to be a configuration of the code made specifically for flight simulation? Some call it HILS

So…I found what it does, somewhat, and a lot of folks trying to install and run it, however not the answer to my basic question…what is it? (in other words, what is its purpose? Why is it “in a loop”?

Now that I know SIL exists…what is the difference between SIL and TIL in terms of it’s intended design?

SIL is software so I imagine it refers to our Mission Planner somehow and HIL is hardware so it must refer to the Atmega2560 chip aboard our FC which runs on a firmware, or namely, a hex file!?!?

Can someone explain the part I don’t know as stated above?

Thanks, I appreciate everyone’s time

I did some research and found my answers! Closing this thread.