Reflash with different firmware

Hey guys,

First of all, thanks a lot for the great work and all the information available on this website and platform!!
This is an amazing job!

I have a special request to ask, I would like to reuse one of my flight controler H743 on a different drone using betaflgith this time. I’m usually using MissionPlanner for planes but prefer Betaflight for my copters.

I didn’t find a way to flash a different firmware to my H743? Mission Planner does not allow me to use a Betaflight firmware and I tried to use STM32CubeProgrammer but only the COM port is available and I can’t get to trigger the USB + DFU mode.

Any explanation on how to do so, would me more than welcome!

Thanks in advance,


I’ve used both INav and and Betaflight configurators to load ArduPlane (or copter) onto boards that did not already have it. I would expect that if you wanted to go from ArduPlane back to Betaflight then the BF Configurator should be able to do it. Mission Planner doesn’t seem to like non-Ardupilot firmwares.

Hi Allister,

Sadly that’s not the case. I can’t establish the connection to the board since it’s flashed with ArduPlane…
I’m not too sure why, but it is no longer accessible from Betaflight. I was looking for a solution in MissionPlanner, but MissionPlanner doesn’t allow me to flash an external firmware.

That’s too bad. I’ve taken a Matek F405 from arduplane to INav without too much drama. Maybe try loading inav then From there to betaflight.

Hi Allister,

INav firmware is not yet available for H743 FC. This cannot be done. Any other idea? :upside_down_face:

Is there no possibility to just erase the existing eeprom so it’s booting as STM32 device?


I see button on this board, it should boot board into DFU mode.