ReefMaster Software Alternative

Nice work Fredrick. Interesting part of the world
I tried on my laptop - that didnt work at all, kicked my son off his gaming pc, it worked much better !

  1. i added headings to the csv data latitude, longitude,depth and removed with an editor eg notepad++ the 0,0,0 data entry approx 28000 rows down ( that was your africa datapoint)

  2. in QGIS new project, add layer, delimitered text and set the following…

  3. added some imagery sources - the Yandex imagery was the best - it shows underwater features that google and bing dont pick up on.

  4. added a label (simple) based on depth i used a formula round(depth,1) to make it 1 decimal place

  5. played around with the symbol colour - graduated on depth with a range of light blue to dark blue

  6. the next question im guessing is - how to get contours and 3d type imagery - roughly, from memory
    a) add in polygons around the wateredge - with depth=0
    b) use the qgis processing toolbox - interpolation tools, and
    do a TIN interpolation, using depth - it creates a grey scale of the region selected
    c) use the interopolation to generate contours (seach contours in the tools)

  7. because my other son asked about 3d - i loaded the plugin qgis2threejs and made an interactive web 3d model (its 3 clicks)