Reefmaster in mission planner

Hello guy’s

i am all newbie on ardupilot but since a have the latest version apm 2.8 with 4 in 1 powerboard and radio telemetry.
i was wondering if i can use a depth sounder that can provide me with depth mapping in reefmaster

the depth sounder is a stand alone unit sonar and transmitter with gps and compas on my boat
a ground station that shows me the contour of bottom and wich is connectable with a laptop running reef master on

my goal is too use mission planner and having all the read outs of my depthsounder in mission planner

photo is showing the image i prefer this unit is transmitting on 2,4Ghz

another issue is it possible too use the compas and gps antenna from this unit to connect it with apm if the voltage is 5V and i know what wire is used for vcc gnd rx tx and the compas

i know lots of questions maybe you guy’s have some idea’s for me

small issue whit current internal compas i’m having trouble too read only the external compas
jumper is removed but internal compas is still working and faster then external

hope too find som answer’s here my compas is 6H GPS

sorry if there are some topics above wich are handeld somewhere else on this forum please just provide the link

kind regards


The APM2.x is considered to be a legacy controller and is no longer supported by the ArduPilot Development Team.

If you want to use the components you have mentioned with your navigation controller, I suggest that you consider using a Pixhawk 1/2 as they are both fully supported by the Development Team.


thanks for info

so there is no way to use the apm 2.8 it was recommended by local store for use with my baitboat

what else do i need too keep in mind


I suspect that your local store might have been trying to unload a legacy product, however members are still using the APM2.x navigational controllers because they are relatively cheaper than the Pixhawk family of controllers

That being said, you will be at a disadvantage to use the APM2.8 because it cannot run EKF which is superior to DCM and as I said before, you are possibly on your own to develop the firmware any further.


these are the products i am looking at now

i have a power board and telemetry set so dont need those

can you let me know if this is what i need

Johan, Just my 2 cents here. Get a Ublox gps unit intended for use with a pixhawk or APM if you choose to go that route. I run a depth sounder with its own GPS unit and my Ublox GPS on my Pixhawk has proven to be more accurate than the internal one on the sounder.

David R. Boulanger


my depthsounder has an external gps with compass the depthsounder is one from Toslon TF640

photo 1 external gps and compas
photo 2 transmitter box 2,4Ghz with the necessary software i geuss
photo 3 reciever unit

Hi Thomas

just orderd the Pixhawk PX4 2.4.8 Flight Controller 32 Bit ARM PX4FMU PX4IO Combo with some additional stuff

lets hope it’s ariving very soon

Just research the Tolson stuff. Interesting. Does it save the data to a SD card for processing? Looks like 300 meters is the range limit. Have you looked at Lowrance equipment and Insight Genises for processing data.

David R. Boulanger

Hi David

the transmitter unit inside the baitboat does not store anything on sd-cart however ther is a port wich can be used too update firmware so maybe there is a door in via usb so 5Vcc ground tx and rx should be on that port

i know the new tf650 in the ground station you can plug rs232 to usb for depth gps coordinates to use in reef master

the gps can connect too 20 gps satelites the ubloxk only 10 for as far as i know now

have a look here

i you like i can send u the manual

No need to send a manual. I may have read that it uses a type of uBlox GPS. Good luck and keep updating the forum on your progress.

David R. Boulanger