Redundant Frysky R9 Slim+ with telemetry?

I’m interested in doing a redundant Frysky R9slim+ with telemetry to a pixhawk 2, but I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around how to set up the whole thing. I’m not seeing any OTS cables, or any good documentation of setting up a redundant system both hardware or controller wise. Is it just me or is Frsky’s documentation terrible?

Oh, and does anyone have any good word about the R9 series with ardupilot? Last posts I saw on the subject were disheartening.

If you look at the Slim+ diagram, you hook up the redundancy receiver to the sbus in on the slim+

Are you saying having two FrSky R9 slims to create redundancy? This google doc has all of the details that you need:

Otherwise, are you saying one telemetry radio + one FrSky R9 Slim to create redundancy? Just plug in FrSky into RC-in servo plugs and connect telemetry radio on telem - that’s how I have it working. Unfortunately I’m having some range issues with my FrSky X7S running on 10mw (I know, not a lot) alongside my telemetry radio. It made me failsafe because of radio signal only being 30 feet away, not too far. Any recommendations?