Reducing List of Map Options in Mission Planner


Does anyone know how to reduce the map selection options to just a few? I need to switch between two maps frequently and I only need Bing Hybrid and WMS Custom. It’s a chore to scroll through the long list of providers as I’m switching back and forth. (MP 1.3.80)

I have worked with Visual Studio, but I’m not a coder by any means, so some basic direction would be very helpful!


FlightData.cs line 172. You have to create your own array of GmapProviders based on GMapProviders.List and set the combobox datasource to your list.


Hello Andy,

I believe there is a typo in your response. I’m thinking you meant FlightPlanner.cs line 172.

        comboBoxMapType.ValueMember = "Name";
        **comboBoxMapType.DataSource = GMapProviders.List.ToArray();**
        comboBoxMapType.SelectedItem = MainMap.MapProvider;

Only noting here incase others come across this in the future.