Reduce time from arming to spin-up


I have built a drone using arductopter 4.2 using a Omibus Nano V6.2 FC and a 4in1 ESC (Mamba F40). ESC protocol is set to D300. So far all works well, but it takes several seconds from flippling the arm switch to spin up of the motors. I normally to fly betaflight quads, where the spin-up is almost immediately. Therefore I am now always confused and thinking something is not working right when arming the arducopter quad and nothing is happeing. Is there a way to reduce the “dead time” in aruducopter?
Btw: also the time form plugging in the battery till I get the “all ready beeps” takes quite long. wouldn’t mind for a hint how to bring this down too :slight_smile:



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Can you set LOG_DISARMED, go through your procedure and provide the .bin log?
Set that back to 0 after collecting a log.

You could check:


This parameter changes how many seconds it takes to spin the motors up to min throttle after arming. It should be at 0.5 seconds as per default but you could check if yours is higher.

You should either way post a log (logging while disarmed) as xfacta said

thanks, I had checked this before, it is at 0.5s

ok, I recorded a log. From connecting the battery until I get the esc ready beeps it takes approx 8-10s
arming to spin up 2-3s.

There is an additional issue. After the ready beeps I get PreArm: AHRS: EKF3 not started (seems to wait on GPS data). Takes quite a long time till EFK3 is ok. I do not really require GPS in the beginning. Any way to get rid of this?

Log is here (PS, the date/time is wrong, until know I wasnt outside, so no gps yet).

You can takeoff in a mode that does not require GPS. Modes like that are Stabilize and AltHold.

Other than that, you can disable the prearm failsafe by setting the ARMING_CHECK parameter (Not recommended).

acutally I was in stabilized and I had turned off some Arming_Checks, like GPS as I do not need it in the beginning. I think I will set EKF3_GPS_CHECK to 0

Try setting EK3_ENABLE to 0

any more hints? @xfacta did you have time to look at the log?

The times you describe seems normal. The 10 seconds until the copter is booted up and ready to arm is just the systems initializing. There won’t be much to do here.

The 2-3 seconds to arm seems normal too. Mine beeps a long beep than spins the motors up.