Reduce reliance on compass

Is there an easy way to reduce or remove the navigation algorithms reliance on the compass, but not GPS or INS?

I am currently using the boat (R/V Rob) in Greenland where the magnetic fields are extremely week due to the proximity to the north pole and every compass calibration (already has an external compass in an electrically quite area on an APM2.5 board) is different and the headings are usually 90° off, if not 180°. This appears to be messing up navigation more than it is helping it, in this location.

In the Advanced Parameter List there is a COMPASS_USE parameter that is presently set to 1. I suspect that if you make the COMPASS_USE parameter 0, the APM will not use the compass heading input.
TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

Thanks, I’ll try disabling it. So I take it there is no way to change the weighting in the nav algorithms like there is for GPS? I’m not convinced yet that it is always a completely useless value, just a lot of local variation in the area that isn’t currently getting filtered out.