Redirect on opening APM Planner

Downloaded the latest APM Planner (2.0.27-rc1-7-g299ff23)
Now I get a redirect message twice on startup.
I made no changes to configuration or anything.

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 4.52.19 am

Is there a fixed version out there?

@mboland The URLs have changed to https. It does not work if you accept the redirection?? Unfortunately we have lost the nightly OSx Build. I wanted to make a new release as soon as the new firmware flashing page is done… but it takes longer than expected… as always… Perhaps @billb can do a prerelease build for OSx cause I can only build for linux.

Thanks @Arne-W, at least I know the reason now.

I just click yes and everything seems to operate OK.
But as I kick APM Planner up quite a few times when working to graph stuff it wears a bit thin the extra 2 dialogs at startup.

Lazy aren’t we!

I’ve been able to build APM Planner everywhere except OSx. I have a Mac mini sitting here doing nothing except FaceTime :slight_smile: with the kids.
@mboland If I get a build going would you test it?

Yes, I would be pleased to help out.

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 6.23.57 am

And quite a few older ones.

Any update on this? I’m curious if APM Planner is tested on Mac OS X 10.15.4…


I currently run it on MacOS 10.15.6
Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 6.05.56 am
with no issues