Red led B/E fmu


Running the latest ardupilot version, using pixhawk 32 v5, the FMU B/E red led is blinking…

Any ideas why?

Hello, the same thing happens to me on my pixhawk 6c, the red led comes out and not how to remove it, any light information on what to do?

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I meet the same issue on my pixhawk 6c mini as well.

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I don’t know what to do, I’ve tried everything, and what do we do?

No firmware or bootloader loaded maybe? Try using DFU mode to do an initial firmware flash.

Loading Firmware onto boards without existing ArduPilot firmware — Copter documentation

Did you try using QGroundControl to flash Ardupilot?

Yes, I have also tried different formulas, and nothing, everything seems to be correct, but the red LED keeps flashing. According to what I have read, there is an issu on Ardurover’s GitHub, that it could be a bug of the incorrect LED being turned on, and that the programmer made a mistake in which LED to turn on. But I’m not sure if I understood it correctly… I’ll look for the link in git to share with you. Let’s see if we can fix it.

I opened this yesterday:

And this is the one I found:

Please remove the first four lines of you github issue.

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Change followings

setup for BoardLED2

define HAL_GPIO_A_LED_PIN 90
define HAL_GPIO_B_LED_PIN 92

to this one

setup for BoardLED2

define HAL_GPIO_A_LED_PIN 92
define HAL_GPIO_B_LED_PIN 90

in this file

Rebuild the firmware, and flash it to FC

The issue will be fixed.