Red circles not showing up but obstacle avoidance and proximity sensor work fine? Also mavlink obstacle message question

Hello, a small question mostly regarding the ui on mission planner, on my first use of the system using the mavlink obstacle message with sectors I remember seeing an option or a message structure that allowed angles instead of sectors but I cannot seem to find a way to make that work, anyone knows how would you send a mavlink message with obstacle data with angles instead of sectors?

Also, another question, Before I remember that with obstacle avoidance on, oa_type1, prx_type to mavlink, and all of that, my mission planner would show obstacles on the map as red circles or dots around the drone, however now it wont show it all, I know it detects it because the drone avoids the obstacles or stays away from it based on the parameters I set, but there is nothing showing in the map. Is there a way to make thos red circles or dots appear again?

I have the same problem that the red circles of the obstacle have not shown in Mission Planner.
Did you set the “OA_DB_OUTPUT” to 3? This param is about sending obstacle data to the MP map.
It works fine that I have done with SITL (simulation) and the red circles appear on the map. But with real hardware, It doesn’t.

Set a “SRx_ADSB” (stream rate send to GCS) to 50 Hz works for me and red circles have beed appeared on my MP map.