Rectangular Octocopter build

Hi all,

I am trying to build an octocopter that can lift 8-10 lbs and is less that 30 inches wide. I have selected KDE2814xf-515 motors with triple 12.5 inch props, and their website claims that 8 of these will be able to lift 17lbs total uav weight.

I want to do a rectangular octocopter with a ~26.5x 52 inch perimeter so that it can fit through a 30 inch space. Is this at all possible? I have only found one person who’s done this online, seen in this youtube video:

Mine would have to do basically what his does, just following a basic path for up to 10 minutes max.
So, it seems like this is possible with the pixhawk/ ardupilot. Does anyone have any tips/ advice? I am fairly new to building uavs.

Thanks a lot!

yes, its a H 8 frame type, all the info is oin the wiki

Thanks for the quick reply and the info! I think that’s all I need to know! I did not realize it was called an H8