Recorded HUD video much worse quality than what is shown realtime

Hello, i notice that video recorded during missions are at a much lower quality than when showed realtime.

I am using an UDP stream at Full HD at about 4mbit, while the image in realtime is fine the recorded video quality is much lower and looks like a 5 FPS video.

Is there anything i can do to make it better in recording quality?



Michael, do you have any hint?

currently there was a limit put on it, as it chews cpu.

ie encoding fullhd or higher in realtime is extremely resource intensive. so the framerate was cut.
ill see if I can add a changeable limit.

I just modified the beta to record at 25hz, please try that

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Is tha at an higher resolutiin too?

the resolution is at what size you have the hud

Ok, thanks, will give it a try.