Record the video stream of the IR Lock?


I have an IR Lock system that is installed on a multirotor and it works well.

I wanted to know if it was possible to record the IR Lock video for later viewing on a computer, or transmit the video with a transmitter 5.8Ghz like this video using another system ?

I have a landing platform with reflective areas and I would like to be sure there is no reflection with the Markone tag.

Hello @Dorian,

I don’t think there is a straightforward way to do what you want. You would probably need to connect the sensor to a Linux machine, and setup everything up as a companion computer precision landing system. I am not immediately sure of the difficulties involved with that. Currently, the IR-LOCK Sensor connects directly to the I2C port as a typical sensor would.

Regarding reflections: Are you asking about reflections of the MarkOne output off of other surfaces? The only time I have seen this issue is when MarkOne was placed inside of a metal box with reflective surfaces. That could potentially cause an issue.

It may be easier to simply check the precision landing log data. You should see ‘smooth’ pX and pY curves. This indicate that the MarkOne beacon is being tracked reliably and consistently. I have attached an example below. This is what we typically see with the MarkOne system. It is made for the purpose of reliable detection and false target rejection.



thank you for your reply.

I will test by looking at the logs.