Record Data from plantower Particulate Sensor

I am new to ardupilot and python.

I recently completed my first copter build using an Orange cube. I would like to connect a Plantower particulate sensor to the Cube and record the data to a CSV file along with Timestamp, GPS and Lidar. I hope to read the raw data from the serial port (Telem2) and then use python script to translate the raw data into usable info for my CSV.

I have been able to run script through Mission Planner and retrieve the GPS and Lidar and other info using the cs.xxxx function. Is there a way to read the raw data from Telem2?

Would there be a better way to achieve my goal? I have looked at Dronekit along with Raspberry Pi but it would be easier for my organization to use only Mission Planner. I am open to any ideas. Keep in mind that I am not an experienced programmer.

Thank You!