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Recommended settings for U-blox GPS RATE?

(Geert) #1


Can someone recommend a GPS RATE for U-Blox modules and explain why we schould use it.
Any information is welcome!

I already have done some tests with U-Center and discovered that not all higher rates above the default are free from GPS glitches.

I wil post my findings here starting from default 1Hz to 10Hz.
(for some reason u-center was not happy with the 3Hz setting)

(WickedShell) #2

Anything less then 5Hz is invalid for flight on.

(Geert) #3

So in other words we have to have 5Hz and up for our course.

What about those GPS glitches you seen in the pictures, can we simple ignore it?

(mlebret) #4

If you refer to the M8N documentation, 10hz is valid with one constellation(GPS or GLONASS), 5hz for two (GPS + GLONASS), 3hz for three (like GPS+GLONASS+GALILEO).

3hz is not a valid parameter in ardupilot settings.


(Geert) #5

Thanks for this clarification.

How about those glitches?

(mlebret) #6

Could be jamming or interferences around your GPS Antenna,

Here is a screen of my M8N_Drotek antenna in my computer room (under roof window).

5 Hz is the recommended frequency with your GPS-GLONASS setting. It is normal (IMHO) to have drops at 10 Hz.