Recommended cheap, small tablet or phone

I’m looking to attach a small tablet or phone onto my transmitter for the sole purpose of running Droidplanner on it. I dont need it to do anyhting else, so I wondered if somebody has a recommendation?

I have had good luck with this. Very cheap but a but faster than some other ultra cheap ones. It ran DP no problem. I would recommend not installing much else as it seemed to get slow after my son put too many games on it. It does not work well with google play store so I used Aptoid or amazon. This might be a perfect option. Cheap! If you break it tossing it in your truck not a huge bummer.

I upgraded to this one. Nice build no plastic. Excellent retina display but a tad hard to see with the glossy screen. Very fast processor. It might be a bit big and heavy to use on a TX for some people but I wanted something that could play my Mobius videos as well as run DP. … 19df95b5d7

I would go for a Nexus 7, they cost $200 but are worth it. I’m sure you will find it useful for other things too. Also with that device you will be using the same one as I develop, so no compatibility issues (which sometimes happen because of the widely diverse ecosystem that Android is).

For some examples of how to mount the device on your TX go to, there are some nice examples in the post section.