Recommendations on new motors / escs?

Hey. So long story short, I want to get some expert opinions on what new motors I should roll with (and maybe new ESCs if it doesn’t break the bank).

Originally bought a kit that included the frame, motors, everything needed to take flight. Got everything together and after just a couple flights, one of the motor magnets fell off and caused a crash. Yea I know crazy right?

The current motors are Readytosky 920kv brushless.

I don’t want to buy another set of 4, given they seem to be trash. So wanting to get an appropriate replacement for all 4.

The frame is the F330 Drone Frame 4-Axis 330mm Quadcopter Frame.. Using a 3s 3200mah lipo battery with 30a Simonk ESCs

Also, just bought some new 10x4.5 Master Airscrew MR Series props to replace the piece of craps that came with the kit.

Total weight (battery included) is 1.1kg. Looking to use for general flying/fun + camera/video.

Any pro advice would be appreciated.

Sunnysky 2212 980kv and a Blheli_32 4in1 (any) would work. But, it’s hard to recommend quality hardware for such a shitty frame.

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Okay, I’m interested. Recommend a setup… frame included. Like I said, I’m looking for an expert opinion.

And thank you!! I appreciate the reply

Non of the frames with plastic arms will do well. The arms flex while arcucopter is designed to think they are stiff at all times, this causes all sorts of issues.

To keep the price down you could use the Tarot 650 sport frame or the tarot ironman frame. The sport has retractable landing legs which is cool as well. You can use up to 15 inch props with that frame. I would also recommend using 14 or 15 on that one with a matching motor to get that thrust for a larger frame.

Keep in mind that even if it’s a great frame, it’s not the best and some small flexing can occur and I would not load it too much. Maybe a maximum of 4kg AUW.

The holybro x500 v2 is also a great option. They make one with carbon tube arms, that’s the one you want. They also make one with plastic arms, that’s a no no.

The holybro uses 10 inch props which is closer to you’re initial build plan.

Feel free to ask anything else!

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Thank you Axel!! Really appreciate the advice. That’s why I love this community.

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Plastic frames are terrible and I suggest you replace them with carbon fiber frames.

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