Recommendations for outdoor FPV monitor, with HDMI input

As expressed in the title, I’m looking for recommendations for a FPV monitor with an HDMI input. This would be hooked up to a digital video link (possibly a Siyi HM30).
The ideal specs are:

  • 1000+ nits (for viewing in daylight)
  • 7-10 inch screen size
  • Integrated DVR (not absolutely necessary)
  • 1080p
  • No integrated video receiver needed

I’ve found quite a few budget friendly camera monitors at FEELWORLD, but most of them are 4K (not necessary) and have post-processing features like color corrections and LUT, which I obviously don’t need. I’m wondering that if I can find 250-300$ monitors with those features, a basic 1080p high brightness monitor would be in the 100-150$ range, but I can’t find anything.

Otherwise, most FPV monitors (which integrated video Rx, which I don’t need) top out at 450 nits, which isn’t enough for daylight viewing.

So I’m interested to hear if anyone has any recommendations! Thanks!