Recommendation for wireless system to connect to MP

Hi, as a newbie with MP and ArduPlane, I would like a recommendation for the easiest system to implement connecting MP (on Windows PC) to my VTOL plane (such as at the flying field). My VTOL (build still in progress) is using a Matek 743 Wing V3, ArduPlane 4.3 (QuadPlane option). My radio is Radiomaster TX16S.

The most common method.
Sik Radio
Depending on the RC system you have the Yaapu telemetry script will put the data on your TX16S. Wouldn’t fly w/o it.

This link mentions OTX but it runs on EdgeTx also.

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To further what Dave said, I’ve had luck with these Sik Radios: mRo SiK Air Telemetry Radio V2

There are a ton of clone SiK radios on the market. Don’t do it. Get Holybro or mRo so you don’t waste time fighting with them.

And install Yaapu.

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That’s good advice about the Sik radios. There was a time when any generic radio would work, I have a drawer full. But not anymore.

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Thanks, guys! Sounds like SiK is the way to go. Regarding Yaapu, do I need specific hardware to receive the data, such as a particular receiver? I’m using a FrSky D16 receiver, which I think sends back full telemetry?

If you made your way thru the link I posted you would arrived at this wiki entry. Review the setup for an H7 based flight controller.
Yaapu H7

Thanks, Dave. I just checked my current Rx and it is SBUS only. My read of the wiki is that one needs SPort or FPort, correct? Can you recommend a good Rx?

Regardless, that’s second priory after getting and implementing SiK first. Looking forward to getting it installed. And yes, Allister, I’ll stick with Holybro or mRo.

What Rx do you have? Are you using the MPM in the Tx16S or do you have a Tx module in the bay?

Radiomaster R88. I’m using the MPM in the radio.

OK, you are right, no Sport with that Rx. A Frsky R-XSR is probably the most popular choice but any Rx on this page will work:
These might come with ACCESS firmware so the best thing to do upon receipt is to flash the latest ACCST firmware from the Frsky website. This is easily done with your TX16S. You can try to bind with it when you get it and if it works then you are good but I just flash them anyway to be sure. Then connect the Sport pin to a UART on the FC and configure it. Alternatively you can flash the Fport firmware and then the telemetry data is sent over the same Sbus port and you don’t need a UART connection. It’s this one:

If you do this the configuration is different:

Got it, thanks! Could you provide a link to the FPort FW? I couldn’t find it on the FrSky website.

Here and then pulldown the ACCST D16 tab.
Fport firmware
The 1st one V2.1.1. You will for sure have to flash this.
As I recall it’s the FrskyX2 protocol on the MPM.

Awesome, thanks Dave.

I’m new to ArduPilot and this forum, and I am pleasantly surprised at the level of support. I’m hooked!