Recommendation for EU-based shops?


I have no experience in flying or even assembling drones, however, I am good in linux, I am good in programming (several languages, including python), and I am good in DIY (I’m building stuff every now and then for my smart home).

I thought DIY drones & programming drones could be a great new hobby. Without having any clue whats possible or easy to achieve, I think I would be interested in building a small indoor drone (maybe 250mm pi zero based), autonomous flight and cameras (object detection, obstacle detection, target following) for a start.

Googling for drone kits, I mainly find US based shops. However, being from germany, this would be not an option for me, as shipping/custom cost would be high, and returning shipments would be difficult/expensive as well.
So I am looking for EU-based shops, but so far I am having a hard time finding a shop, also because of being overwhelmed a bit by terminology, the plethora of different parts and options. I can find some stuff on alibaba (which, same as US shops, is rather difficult) and amazon, but I can’t seem to find a dedicated shop with a wider range of products or full kits.

So could anyone maybe recommend a good shop, where, if possible, complete kits could be found which can be used with ArduPilot and would be suitable for beginners, with maybe more of a limited budget?

Thanks in advance!

They are in the UK - which I guess isn’t part of the EU now. But going to share anyways.

Custom fees are pretty damn high from UK, unfortunately :woozy_face:

try to look for drone shop and look for some RTF kit we link on the wiki. At least you will have a point of research.

you can look in netherland or belgium too, they got some huge shop.

Do you have a link? …… They sell Matek stuff.
Reichelt (From Germany but website & communicate in multiple languages as well) sells Pixhawk, Holybro & accessoiries