Recommendation for Beginners


being a newbie to the drone realm, I would like to seek for your advices / recommendations. I am in search for a drone or kit I could primarily use to help my children (the oldest is just six, youngest 1.5) to toy, learn and embrace new technology raising their interest and curiosity.

Safety (blade protection) is my first concern. Replace-, Repair and Upgradeability my others. I am curious if there is actually anything recommendable and if there are any other aspects worth to consider.

Many thanks in advance!

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Hey @mw_de

I can suggest something like this —> UFO Drone that Flies by Sensing Your Hands! - No Transmitter - No App - YouTube

Flying UFO Toy

A good flight simulator can be a good starter due to their age.

At such a young age, drones are not a good starter in my humble opinion.

I would suggest toys like Legos and legos programing bricks to introduce them to programing and automation. Very easy for kids to learn at any age. Check it out.

Another of my fav toy is this one “Snap Circuits” to teach kids about electronics. They offer kits for all levels of age group.

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