Receiving GPS time

I am trying to get the GPS time to sync my MCU on the fly.
In all GPS messages i receiving the time since the boot (instead of UNIX Epoch time)
I have GPS signal (i see 10 satellites)
how can i get the GPS time (us) via Mavlink

While I have never used it, according to the mavlink specification message #232 might contain what you are looking for.

time_week_ms -> GPS time (from start of GPS week) [ms]
time_week -> GPS week number

The GPS time is contained in the GPS_RAW_INT message.
NOT on the GPS_INPUT message, that one is meant as time/pos input, not as time/position output.

Hm OK.

Yet I don’t see he time_week and time_week_ms fields in GPS_RAW_INT

I guess this not part of the MAVLINK Common Message Set.

Have you looked at SYSTEM_TIME?