Receive Waypoint information to Arduino from pixhawk

Hello There
I wanted to receive waypoint information to Arduino when drone reaches to that waypoint so that I could control servo the same time when it reaches to that waypoint
note: Here I am planning to plot more than 30 waypoints and I wanted that for agricultural use

These will help-

This could all be done on board with scripting,

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this is certainly the best way, i always keep forgetting about it, need some of that scripting in my life

Isn’t there even a mission command to control a servo connected to the FC?

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We are dealing with triggering of an automated event here when certain conditions met

If you must use an Arduino, I have an example of a working project: bitdog-io/restraining_bolt: Arduino software to monitor and restrain ArduPilot drones ( It uses the MAVLINK library and requires too much memory for some basic Arduinos. I used a Teensy 4.1 and it works really well.

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