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Rebuilding Droid Tower

TDLR: need a working updated project folder of Android Tower for android studio

Hello I recently have attempted to rebuild a android studio project for Tower. But because it is so old there are tons of errors being thrown and the gradle version doesnt work.
if I do get it to work will post!
thanks in advance!


Would love to see this done! I had the same problem trying to compile.

Any news for the updated version??

Nobody (or at least nobody known) is working on re-developing and maintaining the Tower app. TBH, I think it’s pretty unlikely that will ever happen. AeroHawk forked it about a year ago, made some fixes so it will work on newer versions of Android, and released it under their own name, β€œMission Maker for ArduPilot”. However, that is no longer in the play store, so I presume they are no longer maintaining or supporting it either. The only one there is their DJI version.

So as far as Android based applications go, your choices seem to be QGC and Solex.

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