Rebooting flight controller in SITL


Could you, please, give me a hint on how it is better to simulate reboot of the controller during a mission in SITL? I am using the latest version of Ardupilot from github, but it seems that reset is still not implemented in SITL, as when I type in “reboot” in SITL, no mater in Plane, Copter, or Rover, console replies to me that “REBOOT NOT IMPLEMENTED”.

I want to introduce some navigation parameters to ArduPilot which may automatically change during one mission, but do not get reset with reboot of the controller (i. e. stay the same between different missions). My wish is to test the software changes with SITL first, but I cannot find an option in SITL to reset device without turning off the simulation, and I don’t want to turn off the simulation as I would like to make sure the vehicle stays in its last position and all parameters/variables go through standard procedures of shutdown/startup. Is there really a way something like this?

Ilia, no option to reset to my knowledge. Closest you can get to what you want I think (short of implementing reboot for SITL) is to restart with the exact same parameters and position that you’d save before shutdown.

Ok, I see, I was afraid that I would end up with doing just something like this. Thanks for approving!