Reassurance about Firmware

I have a Reptile quadcopter. I have installed the quadcopter firmware on Mission Planner.
I noticed when connected to Mission Planner the little box that shows what firmware is loaded reads as an Octocopter. Is this normal and a little glitch in the software ? or it because the Reptile is an x frame but with a v tail. I just would like to get this clarified before first flight.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

It doesn’t matter, you will be setting the Frame Class and Frame Type during normal configuration anyway.

Cheers for the reply. I’ve already configured the frame class and type but it still shows as being an octocopter. It also shows as being an octocopter in the yaapu telemetry. Worry.

Post your parameter file. What Flight Controller and what version Arducopter?

The flight controller is Ardupilot Pixhawk cube orange

Here’s a print screen of which shows in Mission Planner.

The Arducopter version is v4.0.3

It’s configured for X8. Select the quadcopter icon (next to undefined) and restart the board. You should then have:

Thank you Dave for all your help. Needless to say but I look forward to the time when we can all get back to normality from these bad times and get some flying in.
Much appreciated.