Real Time GPS Location of flying Copter

I am trying to attempt a automated formation flying (without using SWARM or FOLLOW ME).
Can anyone tell me, How can i get real time GPS location of flying copter (Quadcopter) ?
I mean, where (in which parameter) does ardupilot codebase store GPS location to show on Mission Planner(or any other GCS) ?
Can i extract GPS location from Telemetry Logs periodically (Like in every 2 second)?

Any help would be much appreciated

And also if anyone has any suggestion or information on formation flying please let me know, it would be great help.

Thank you

Yes, this can be done very simply. I have build my own GCS program and process these messages coming from the Pixhawk. This Mavlink data is open source so not a big deal.


Hello Mike,
Thank you very much for you reply. I myself is trying(haven’t started yet, still in reading phase) to implement GCS, especially to control multiple(more than two) copters simultaneously.
If you have open-sourced the GCS, you have made for yourself, can you please share the project(link) with me?
If not please give me a head start?