Real numbers in log analysis? I only see integer numbers


Sorry if this has been asked before.

For the log analysis I would like to see up to three decimal digits. Eg. 20.3V, 34.2A, 0.672 HDOP, 347m etc. Is there a way to do/set it?


Use Apmplanner2 for analysis.

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Thank you for the alternative option.

Does your APMplanner2 work? The latest version v2.0.24 does not realy work in my Win10 64. When I try do donwload logs from 3DR Solo the app crashes. And when I try to analyze already downloaded logs it crashed too quite fast.

Does it work better on Linux?

Latest beta build works fine here for analyzing 3DR Solo Dataflash logs under Win10 x64:

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the number of decimal places is defined by the dataflash log format, not mission planner. so the results will be the same no matter what product you use

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@Michael_Oborne yes the logs itself contain a good accuracy but the min, max and mean values on top of the graph in Mission Planner have integer numbers.

Here is an example with HDOP. It says average HDOP is 1. Same goes with current, votlatge etc.