Real data into SITL

I would like to provide sitl with real input data logged during flight in ACRO mode. Is that possible? how to do that?

did you take a look at replay? It probably gets you the features you want and need.

Thanks for answer, but it seems to be not that case. What I want to do is to record real flight (not sitl) and then check how sitl behaves with the same rc input. The whole project is about to use also simulink plug-in with sitl and have physical model of copter there. The ultimate goal is to compare dynamics in simulink model with real copter.

Well… Replay replays data recorded in a real flight into a SITL so that you can step by step analyze what happened in that real flight EKF wise.
You want to do that, but not just with the EKF but also with the controllers.

I stand by my opinion. Use Replay.

We don’t have easy way to do that for now.
You will need to extract the rc input from a dataflash log with and then create a script to inject them into SITL.
Be aware that SITL dynamic isn’t the same a real vehicle, it is simulation.

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Do you have any example of such script for injecting data into sitl?

just use RC_Override MAVLink message. You could use Pymavlink to send it for example, or to be closer to reality, use SITL simulated RC input. In that case, you should look on MAVProxy implementation ( or our autotest one’s