Reading RC values through MAVlink

Hello, I am trying to get the values of the RC1, RC2…RC7 in real time as I am working on a GUI and a companion computer (Jetson Xavier NX). So my system is as follows:- Futaba receiver is connected to the OrangeCube+ in the RCIN pin and the I use a Gimbal so I have given RC1-RC5 for Gimbal control. The TELEM1 port of the Cube is connected to the Gimbal. TELEM2 is connected to my companion computer using FTDI cables (Serial-USB). I use RC6 and RC7 for my own function for my GUI application, like a trigger when the toggle switch in the RC controller is ON, the GUI performs an action. I need to read the real time values as serial data. How do I do that? I use Mission Planner firmware in my Orangecube+.