Reading log files

Has any one got a list of codes for log file as I can not read why my HeXcopter dropped from the skys last sunday I have included the log file.bat below.

if anyone can react it or better still translate it or has a translator please share?

4.BIN (831.5 KB)

Battery failsafe action is land. On land mode it doesn’t choose where it lands :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for the info to just repeat to cover what your pointing out I had a battery failsafe problem and the unit decided to land but it did not follow any procedure it just cut and dumped?

Your battery, which I suppose is a 4S LiPo from the data, goes to around 2.8V per cell right before the LAND failsafe. This is way below than any reasonable minimum value for LiPo, so the LAND event couldn’t perform as expected because there wasn’t enough power on the battery to fly.

Depleting the batteries to such low values increases the risk of a bad accident caused by the LiPo.

If you see this graph with Voltage and Current the voltage sags quite heavily as soon as you apply power, so the battery (which wasn’t fully charged to begin with) drops to almost 3.6V per cell.

A good safety voltage to use is around 3.5V per cell if you want to do safe flights.

Personally I wouldn’t use this battery.