Reading an (ADC) analog value

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We are using cuav x7 Pro+ in our project. We want read analog sensor. Its voltage rate is 0-5V. There is a 2 external analog input pin in cuav. One of the analog reading range is 3.3V, another one is 6.6V.

I set BATT9_MONITOR to 3. As you can see from the screenshot that i share it means ‘Analog Voltage Only’

I confused about the pin assignment. I should say to the ardupilot that this GPIO pin is your BATTT9 analog read pin. As far as know BATT9_VOLT_PIN is the only pin for this purpose. But what is the meaning of these parameter options?

-1:Disabled 2:Pixhawk/Pixracer/Navio2/Pixhawk2_PM1 5:Navigator 13:Pixhawk2_PM2/CubeOrange_PM2 14:CubeOrange 16:Durandal 100:PX4-v1

Which one of this options i should set. Which one of these options refer to the which one of the mcu pins?

I will be very happy if you give any comment about this problems.

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Is there anyone to help me

Hi Guys,

I solved this issue.
If you want to read analog data from 6.6V input, VOLT_PIN number should be 18.