Reading Airspeed Out Loud in Mission Planner

I’m looking to have airspeed be read out loud in intervals between 1s and 5s. I originally wanted to pass airspeed through the telemetry port to my Taranis X9D but it turns out that PX4 doesn’t support airspeed conversion to SBUS ( Per this documentation ( ) it is possible to read out airspeed in “30s Intervals”.

  1. Is there a way to change that interval in the code somewhere?

  2. Is there hardware that can change I2C signal into SBUS and I can insert that into my X8R radio?

  3. Is there a way I can read the airspeed off my screen or have a program access the airspeed within Mission Planner and read it out loud?

I’m happy to explain my setup more if you think there’s an option for reading airspeed out loud unrelated to what I have mentioned. The back-up plan is to just have someone read out airspeed as their only job.

Have you looked into Yaapu’s LUA script that works with PX4 via wiring a Teensy 3.2? You can go through the thread and determine for yourself how to go forward.

Good luck.

ArduPilot does this (and is better in many other ways). I think you could set it up as a sensor in the Taranis and have it read it out.

I’m interested why you would need the airspeed read out at all?

I had not found that but I will check it out.