Read WPs fails over ULRS/WiFi

Trying to figure out why I can not Read WPs successfully when connecting MP to Plane ( various 3.9 versions) via my LRS system (ULRS which provides 19.2k baud UART between Tx/Rx). Plane is configured with Mavlink v2 (have tried v1 also). MP on tablet (latest version as of today) connects over wifi to a ESP8266 board wired to the UART of my ULRS transmitter (back of Taranis), and the ESP is running the Tridge ESP code successfully (have tried both AP and STA modes with same results.

I can connect MP just fine and the parameter download at first connect is actually quite quick (very impressed with the ESP8266 code actually). I can write WPs for a new mission to the plane perfectly - quick response in fact, but can not read them back - it fails every time! The only way I get a successful WP read is if I connect over USB cable. To reiterate I am limited to 19200baud on this data connection.

I think my question is this - what is different about reading WPs compared to reading parameters generally, which could make the read operation far less reliable for WPs?

can you provide a tlog of the failure?

I’ll post one tonight. Any special logging requirements/config to get the info you need included?

All I’m looking for is what is missing from the log to cause the failure. I do know it could be something like trying to use mavlink 2. But hard to say at the moment

@Michael_Oborne, I finally have a tlog file attached. Many thanks for taking a look, Paul
2019-11-12 23-03-52.tlog (153.4 KB)

from a look at the log it looks like there is alot of packetloss/one way comms. i would try reducing the stream rates, as i think you might be flooding the link.