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Read servo output using mission planner

Hello all of you.

I want to read throttle signal (servo3). I know that i can see it on “Tuning”, but i need it to use in real tieme during mission.

Do you know how can i read it?

I’m trying to read it with arduino. I conect to servo3 (throttle), but arduino don’t read properly the signal.

I think the hz from the servo (i use this for servo is diferent of the arduino and it’s not posible to read the output signal.

you know how can i solve this problem or other way to read it?

Thank you

The mavlink messages give you that already: <- Reads channel inputs <- Reads channel outputs

Thank you.

I need to read it with out using mavlink, i need to read it from the servo output.

You say you want to use mission planner. Mission planner uses mavlink. Why do you say that you can not use mavlink?

If you are using standard RC PWM output (not dshot etc), an Arduino should be able to read the signal via the pulsein function or using interrupts.

The problem is not to use Mavlink, is that i need to do it with teensy.

Now i solve the problem.

Thank you

Yes, i use standard RC PWM, and i was using “pulsein()”.

But i have a mistake in code… i was using serial.begin(9600), and it need to be 115200.

Thank you!

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