Read mavlink messages from other xml files

hello there
I used precision landing with IR-LOCK this time.
If the aircraft couldn’t find the target, it had to make an emergency landing, so we had to make sure the camera was catching the target.
So it tries to read the LANDING_TARGET(#149) of the mavlink message.
But the LANDING_TARGET message was in common.xml and I can’t read it because I use ardupilotmega.xml.
Is there any way to read the LANDING_TARGET message?

ardupilotmega.xml includes common.xml.
So that message is already fully supported by ardupilot. I do not understand your problem.

Thank you for answering my problem.
I want to see the status of position_vaild in the LANDING_TARGET message.
When requesting AHRS data from MAVLink, the code works normally, but when requesting LANDING_TARGET, 'No ap_message for mavlink id(149) is displayed.
Is there any way to make this appear?

Request AHRS data


ArduPilot doesn’t (and can’t ATM) emit LANDING_TARGET.

Check the definition and use of that message here:

“The landing target services/message communicates the position of one or
more targets from MAVLink positioning system(s) to an autopilot”

Thank you for answer. This message is for an onboard companion computer with a vision system.

Again, like Peter explained that message is for:
companion -> flight controller
Not for:
flight controller -> companion.