Read data (Gps, compass, acc, gyro) from Here2 gps module with serial communication

I want to read gps, acc, compass, barometer information from Here 2 gps module using Teensy 4.1 serial communication (rx,tx)pins.
-Is it possible to do this?

Any opinion on this matter is worthy of respect.

Over the UART pins of Here2 is only present data from the GPS Receiver.

These other data are sent out via the I2C pins of Here2, so you need to connect it to a device that has I2C in order to read it.

I hope this can help you.

Teensy boards have an I2C interface as well as UART pins, so you should be able to read all available sensor data with the right suite of libraries (or custom code).

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Thanks for your answers BrunoBagarini and Yuri_Rage. I can read gps information with USB serial connection, but I couldn’t find a way to read data from other sensors with I2C. It would be great if you could give an example or idea on how to do it.
My second question is, can I read GPS information with UART and sensor information with I2C when the CAN-I2C button on the module is in CAN mode?

If I am not mistaken, Here2 onwards have an internal microprocessor so they do the job to send these data from the sensors to FC, maybe this is not letting you read it by simple arduino sketches on how to read these sensors data.

I have never tried it, but most probably the answer is no.