Reach UAV Mapping kit or Here+ rtk kit

Hi guys,
I am confused between what RTK gps to be used with pixhawk

Reach UAV Mapping kit
Here + rtk gps
enlighten me with pros and cons in the above kits and which one is best one to integrate with pixhawk.

Thank you

There are long and involved discussions on this subject already.
Do a search for RTK and prepare for some reading.

Thanks @mboland Can you suggest me any blog or website for comparision. In my survey I found out Here+ is having small community compared to emlid reach. What will be your suggestions and why?

It’s not about the here+ if your looking for a community, it uses the Ublox M8P module, there are a lot of people using them. The guys at here+ basically put that module on a pcb with the right connector, a couple of magnetometers and an antenna. (which is very usefull)
The Emlid-Reach uses a Ublox M8T and a processor.

Overall rtk comparison (written when ublox m8p just came out):