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RE: Using the BBBlue and ArduCopter on Linux

(SL) #21

Ok well it looks like arducopter is running ok, just not connecting properly with your ground station. Check your port, network and firewall settings.

(Seth) #22


Thank you for returning service. I will check those items.


(SL) #23

Oh stating the obvious perhaps, but you need to run ardupilot with a parameter -A or -C and the output port to connect to a groundstation, otherwise it will just merrily work on the bbb and print the mavlink messages to the console (perhaps what you are seeing)

(Seth) #24


Hello…I got the ground station to connect. I am waiting on some parts now but I soon plan to apply the hardware and test things out. I will reply back here.


P.S. I was seeing MavLink dumps on the terminal on the BBBlue but it seems I was still connected, i.e. at least it showed on ArduPilot that I was connected w/out issues.

(De Funct) #25


This is Seth. For some reason, I could not remember how I signed in the first time. Anyway, I will keep everyone updated, i.e. as though I am the most important person. Ha!


P.S. I got my equipment in. I just need to solder on some items and check the compatibility w/ all my hardware. Updates to come soon. Sorry for the odd update.

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I got most of the soldering done on my new machine. I have to connect the 8/16 channel receiver to the ESCs and then go to ArduPilot and configure my ESCs, too.

What is a good method for testing the motors? Should I attache them to something and then run a test flight w/ the motors stationary?

Anyway, if you all get bored and want to reply, please do, e.g. as I can use all forms of input these days.


P.S. I am still using the BeagleBone Blue, a already-built, carbon fiber build for the quad-copter, and ArduPilot to get up and running.

(De Funct) #27

Hello Sir @ppoirier,

I listened to this page online,, all while forgetting that my system on the BBBlue almost was working, i.e. except for the config. of the ESCs.


I totally forgot what I did to make my machine work. I know I should have taken notes now.


I was wondering how I could make the waf cmd available on my BBBlue Linux Distro…

Do you know how to get the waf cmd available for Linux Distros?


(De Funct) #28

scan:669: scan past end of eeprom
scan:669: scan past end of eeprom
RCOutputAioPRU.cpp:SIGBUS error gernerated


Just for reference, the above error was generated from the cmd sudo ./ardurover.


(ppoirier) #29

you need to get the pru activated in the /boot/uEnv.txt
Pleas make sure you have the right image , for the blue it is generally the IOT Image

Yes better take notes… that is what I allways do

(De Funct) #30

Hello Sir,

I did. I listened to the cmd to make the available u-boot overlay in my uEnv.txt file. I also erased everything and started from scratch. Um…I saw on the Gitter channel that another person was having this issue. @ppoirier, I think you were on this Gitter channel and looking into it.

If you find out anything, please let me know.

I will make sure I take notes this time to make sure of my advancement on this subject.


P.S. I will keep plugging at it until I hear something back.