RE: Hello and Attentive Care/My Motors!


I am using the BBBlue for MCU support on the ArduCopter/Mission Planner/MavLink stuff. So far, so good but I lack understanding on hardware and ideas relating to specific hardware.

For example, kv means what? I will look up kv in my spare time but I need other ideas and related content for these ideas.

For instance…my motors are 2300kv, approximately. I have four motors. Some ESCs that I know nothing about and I can only use certain battery supplies b/c of my Linux based Development board, e.g. The BeagleBone Blue.

Now…I have seen specific sites dedicated to the hardware I am using w/ Mission Planner. This is great for me. I need additional support for setting up.


I need content to read. If you have ideas on kv, four rotary motors for an ArduCopter/Multi-Copter, and ESC description ideas, then you are my person. Sales pitched attached. Ha!

Okay so…

I read some online about what watts to pick for the weight of the machine. I think it is 100w per lb. and I got that info. from HobbyKing online.


P.S. I tried to make sense w/ what little info. I have been given w/ my current set-up. I would really appreciate any ideas or hyperlinks dedicated to these specific subjects if possible. Thank you in advance for any relative info. Peace and Drones!

Hello and Okay,

Seth here, again. Yes again. Anyway, down to business.


The drone frame states that I should run up to 20amp ESCs only, e.g. even w/ the 6" propeller. Now, My ESCs are each 30amps. Are the excessive amounts of amps on my ESCs causing trouble in theory or should I rethink the idea of these already purchased ESCs?

Should I purchase the dang-gone, 20amp ESCs to stick w/ the drone frame mfg. people? Out of experience, would you recommend to downgrade back to 20amp ESCs?

And last but not least…

150g (grams) or 1/3 of a lb. is what my frame states it can weigh (or that it already weighs and this means I have to check once the frame is together and built) w/ items like the ESCs, the motors, and other electronics.

I think? Or that weight distribution idea from the frame mfg. is off. Either way, it is a parameter table I think I should try and abide by.


P.S. If you have any recommendations, please contact me on this page. Thank you again.

Hi, have you read this


I have not read that yet. I will get to it soon.


Hello Again @ambattuhari,

I read up to the 5th section. My eyes need a break. Thank you for this hyperlink. I have learned a lot so far.



I am still reading over the Robot Shop Blog on How to Make a Drone/UAV.


P.S. Thank you again for this intuitive info. If you have any more links (anyone), please provide them. I am on the hunt to learn more.