RE: and imfatant/test and Testing/Calibration


Calibration on the BBBlue and Mission Planner has been next to impossible for me to grasp. I have been reading on this site some. I see there are some complications w/ Linux Distros and hardware such as my hardware, e.g. FrSky X8R and the X-Lite.

Anyway, I can connect now to Mission Planner b/c of this fellow that taught me in a GITTER chat for the BBBmini, i.e. Juvinski. So, I think the issue w/ the BBBlue and making the ESCs or 4-in-1 ESC calibrated is this:

  1. You cannot “hotplug” devices from or to the BBBlue and Mission Planner calls for “hotplugging.”
  2. So, one would need a device for “hotplugging” other components in and out or on and off the BBBlue.
  3. Since it is $80.00 of machine, I on one hand do not want to ruin my board.
  4. On the other hand, I tried hotplugging the darn machine and it would not calibrate from Mission Planner still.

I have found that people are calibrating their ESCs or 4-in-1 ESC w/ other methods.

This is nice knowledge but I have not found a reliable source just yet. I have tried w/ an Arduino, w/ the BBBlue, and w/ software. Yikes, I know. I have come up short each time.

At times, when I am plugged in to the computer and connected to Mission Planner w/ my BBBlue, I can access all four motors.

As soon as I unplug from Mission Planner and start my Flying Bot/Drone, only three of the four motors will turn by command.

Please send guidance or ideas. I have an Arduino, some hardware, and some methods to get source on these pieces of hardware. I have been talking this task for two years.

Support the cause! Me!


P.S. Anyway, if people are having trouble w/ connecting to Mission Planner, let me know. Juvinski taught me how and I can take time out to pass along the info.

This is all my Drone/Bot does for now and it is literally crippling my right thumb. Help and send rations!

Hello Again,

Seth here. Do you think this will work for any ESC:

I have a 4-in-1 ESC from RaceStar.

I tried this idea: Turn on TX, put the throttle to full, power the ESCs, power down the ESCs, plug in the power again to the ESCs all while holding the throttle to full, and then pulling throttle to negative 100%. I tried!


P.S. I have been reading more and watching more videos on setting up the X-Lite from FrSky I currently own. So, I might be able to solve my own problem and give advice. Until then, I am reaching out for support and/or ideas.

Here is the other video: I lost a nut in the battle and figured my setup is different compared to what is listed here at


Here is the recommendation I made for the update to the cyclic issue I am coming across.


  • I start my service file under the systemd system.

  • I then have to calibrate my ESCs and then if the transmitter and receiver have been bound, I have to rebind my transmitter and receiver.

  • Once that is completed, it is give or take with it working. I can make it work under specific circumstances but once the power button has been applied to cease power to the board, the entire process needs to set up, e.g. .service file, calibration, and then the binding.


P.S. If you are using this BBBlue and arducopter, I please invite you to counter my findings. I would like to be wrong but so far, I have had to use this cyclic three-phase set up to produce the UAV/Aerial Drone workings to turn motors but to only a degree of success.


All is well!

Please forget this post. I finished up the software side of the programming my BBBlue and things are spinning (out of control) and needing a fine tune.