RE: feature request for droid planner

I am building a survey drone on a folding 680 mm frame.
I am new to this software, and have been told the droid planner and 3DR telemetry set doesnt project FPV or OSD through the telemetry system.
I was daring to hope their would be a way to project the FPV view in the left half of the droid planner showing the flight attitude information overlayed on the FPV video feed.
Since my copter would have a FPV system onboard, I would have to use an entirely different set of equipment to go FPV. Yet there seems to be ample ability on the droidplanner screen to implement it.

Hopefully, there would be a way to do this. I dont mean to ask anyone to build a light saber here. :laughing:

Sry for the double post, but I cant find any edit function on the post I made.

Heres an idea.
Could a bluetooth module be added to the FPV reciever? Then with a little coding, the FPV view would connect to the droid device, EG galaxy tab, or droid phone. The FPV would then appear in the droid planners left side of the screen with all of its telemetry information.
This way the video feed wouldnt require more wires that are already taken up by the USB wire connection. The video data could be streamed to the device wirelessly.
It would just need for the droidplanner to know what to do with the bluetooth feed.

Just thinking out loud. :wink:

Not sure if video overlay is going to be addressed in future but I have just put together my field ground station and have stumbled over a reasonable solution.

[ul]Android tablet - Tesco Hudl2

Tower GCS

EasyCap video capture application.

3DR radio

3 way OTG hub/charge adaptor

LogiLink ( easyCap compatible ) USB video capture[/ul]

My video RX is a generic Chinese RC805, 5.8 gHz 8 ch reciever.

Hub allows the LogiLink and 3DR Radio to be connected simultaneously to the tablet.

Connect to the airframe platform with Tower and all works, put tower into the background and start EasyCap. There’s my video! Voice commands from GCS still annunciated and you can chop and change between the two apps! ( I managed to keep EasyCap running in the background once or twice but now it appears to need restarting each time at the moment )

Am I late to the party on this?

Oh! A couple of notes. The RC805 comes with a power supply requirement of 12v ( a pain given the tablet needs 5v to charge). I wound down the supply in to it and at 5v the RC805 stays cooler and still appears to work fine, need to check range though.

Second is signal from the video TX is set for ch7 according to the manual but the RX sees it on both 7 and 2. ( and a bit of shadow on 1 ) running the TX on 07 and the RX on 02 and the colour is far better and the picture nice and stable.



I receive an OTG HUB today and I just want to ask you if there is a way to view the video on the Tower app video streaming widget? I´m still waiting for the FPV OTG chinese device so I have never try this.

Thank you!

I’m hoping you figured this out by now, but…
I have been in the process of configuring a 10.5" Android tablet, UVC video and 3DR Telemetry to connect to Pixhawk and also monitor 5.8gHz video. I have it working, but found that both the OTG hub and tablet are not consistent in compatibility. Make sure you do your research for the device(tablet/phone). Not all devices support UVC video.
What works for me:
Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM-T800 & SM-T805W
UVC Device: Eachine ROTG01 (have not tested ROTG02)
Any 3DR USB Telemetry device (so far)
I’m currently looking for help increasing the size of the telemetry and video widgets in Tower.
QGroundControl has already solved UI visibility issues, but doesn’t currently support UVC video. :frowning:
Go figure!