RE: Errors and Running ArduCopter on BBBlue/Linux/4.4.x


This was my error while running ArduCopter on a BBBlue w/ a Debian Distro:

setup:307: bad header in setup - erasing
Sensor failure: Baro: unable to initialise driver

The “Sensor failure: Baro: unable to initialise driver” error kept repeating and I could not ctrl-c to escape the sequence.

If anyone is using the BBBlue and running ArduCopter, please let me know what this means from your understanding.

I set up an issue w/ at


P.S. I also mentioned something on the Gitter channel. I am trying all resources to see if there are experts in this field that know what the next steps may be.

I have answered on the gitter channel

Hello…thank you sir. I saw that today.