Re-calibrate ESC with new motor?

Greetings All…quick question for you…we are replacing motors on a fleet of USV’s that we use for waterfowl interdiction in hazardous mining pits. We had used some 6s “sealed” motors from Aliexpress that got destroyed by the unique water we are working in. I spoke with the team at Blue Robotics regarding their new T500 thrusters, and we are giving these a go. Question is after replacing the motors is it recommended to re-calibrate the ESC’s or does the ESC not care about the motor downstream? It would probably be best practice to do the recalibrate, but we are not really looking to re-tune the boats if its not necessary. Any advice?


You have no need to recalibrate the ESC when changing motors they don’t care about what the esc is calibrated to just as long as you are running the proper voltage for the motor. Ahh the good ol’ Berkeley pit I still am amazed to this day that people stop to look at that thing hahaha. I guess I have done it once on one of the millionth times driving home! Boy that’s a lot of thrust you guys moving a party barge out there?